Call for Participation

This one-day workshop at the CHI 2020 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA invites HCI designers, researchers, healthcare professionals, health informatics researchers, and AI developers and researchers to contribute to the emerging area of conversational agents in healthcare.

The aim of this workshop is to: i) identify challenges, opportunities, and research issues in developing more standardized design and evaluation frameworks for conversational systems, ii) discuss ongoing studies employing conversational interfaces to improve health outcomes, iii) review natural language input and output technologies playing a key role in shaping conversational experiences, and iv) generate a map of actors, settings, technologies, design and evaluation factors to guide future research in this emerging area. We invite researchers and professionals to share their related work and discuss future research directions. We would accept position papers including but not limited to the following topics:

  • Use of conversational agents in clinical and community settings
  • Preliminary results on ongoing empirical studies of healthcare conversational agents
  • Conversational agent studies focusing on supporting patient-centeredness, patient empowerment, and patient safety or professional autonomy
  • Risks and biases associated with design and use of conversational technologies
  • Emerging uses of AI and ML methods in areas such as dialog management, speech summarization or error recovery
  • Novel applications of UX design and evaluation methods.

Position papers should be 2-4 pages long (excluding references) in the CHI EA format. There will be an internal peer-review process between the authors of the submitted papers. Papers will be selected based on relevance to the workshop, quality of the contribution, and ability to contribute to discussion. At least one author of each accepted paper must attend the workshop.

Submissions and questions should be emailed to

Important Dates
11 Feb 2020: Position papers deadline.
28 Feb 2020: Notification of acceptance.
26 Apr 2020: Workshop day.