Conversational agents in healthcare is an emerging field of research with the potential to benefit health across a wide range of application domains. This workshop will address current issues and potential benefits by bringing together conversational UX designers, medical informatics, HCI, machine learning, and design researchers investigating:

Studies and Cases

  • Use of conversational agents in clinical and community settings
  • Experiences with existing conversational agents or research prototypes used in clinical settings by healthcare professionals
  • Use of conversational agents for sensitive and mental health-related topics
  • Patient experience, perception, and perspectives focusing on empowerment, safety, trust, mental models and etc.

Design, Development and Evaluation

  • Emerging uses of artificial intelligence and machine learning methods in areas such as dialog management, spoken language understanding and response generation
  • Novel applications of UX design and evaluation methods, and use and development of standardized measurement scales and tools
  • Context-specific design guidelines to support the interactions between conversational agents and patients/providers
  • Ethical and regulatory dimensions Understanding of design factors such as feedback, feedforward, and affordances within the context of conversational agents
  • Evolving relationships, roles, and tasks for clinicians, patients, and caregivers with the introduction of conversational systems
  • Design and development practices specific to the healthcare domain such as safety-critical dialogue, ML for healthcare, health intervention

The workshop will contribute to the growing body of knowledge on conversational agents. It aims to create a roadmap towards developing standardised design and evaluation frameworks prioritising health outcomes and patient safety while maintaining high-quality user experience. Participants will gain a better understanding of the different characteristics, applications, design and evaluation methods of current conversational agents for health and wellbeing.