09:00 Arrival

09:15 Introduction

  • Brief intro about the workshop scope, aims, and format
  • A short roundtable discussion to introduce ourselves to each other
  • Presentation and discussion of the outcomes of recent systematic reviews

11:00 Session 1

  • Paper presentations by the workshop participants
  • Writing affinity notes about the presentations

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 Session 2

  • Interactive evaluation of some healthcare scenarios involving fictive conversational systems accompanied with affinity note-taking

14:00 Coffee break

14:15 Session 3

  • Generating an affinity diagram
  • Generating a map of actors, settings, technologies, design and evaluation factors

14:45 Wrap up

  • Summarizing the day and discussing the next steps with the participants

15:00 End

Post-workshop Plans

We consider organizing an ACM TiiS special issue to publish work related to the topics covered by the workshop. In addition, the workshop contributors will be invited to work on a joint journal paper outlining a roadmap for design and evaluation challenges associated with conversational agents in healthcare.